TFT LCD for TV Panel


     The ANX6862 is an fully I2C programmable integrated power supply solution optimized for large thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) TV panels which  generates all voltage rails for the TFT LCD bias (AVDD, VGH, VGL) and also 3 buck regulators for VIO, VCORE, and VHAVDD supplies. It is especially designed for 12V input. For better display quality control, the device also provides Gate-Pulse-Modulation block and temperature compensation for VGH voltage.

     The boost regulator provides TFT source driver AVDD voltage. The integrated N-channel FET operates at a fixed frequency of 750kHz which has a current limit up to 5A and can be adjusted from 13.5V to 19.8V.

     The 3 buck regulators supply system logic power, core volrage power and the half AVDD power for driver IC. Both boost and buck regulators feature internal soft-start function to limit inrush current and use the current mode control to perform fast load transient response.

     The gate-on and gate-off charge pumps provide TFT-LCD gate drivers regulated gate-on and gate-off supplies. The temperature compensation circuit for gate-on voltage is applied. The internal soft-start function is also included.

     The reset function pullsthe reset signal down when detect the input voltage lower than 8.9V.

     The GPM is a flicker compensation circuit to reduce the coupling effect of gate lines; the gate-shaping timing is controlled by the timing-controller to modulate the Gate-On voltage, VGHM. 

     The ANX6862 is available in a thin 40-pin 6x6 mm WQFN green package.


8V to 14V input supply

6 bit current-mode boost regulator for VAVDD

- 13.5V to 19.8V programmable output voltage

- High voltage stress mode

- 750KHz fixed switching frequency

- Programmable current limit up to 5A

- Fast transient response to pulsed load

- Integrated isolation switch

- Programmable soft-start time

- Over voltage protection

4 bit current-mode buck regulator for VIO

- 2.2V to 3.7V programmable output voltage

- 750KHz fixed switching frequency

- Fast transient response

- Programmable current limit up to 3A

5 bit synchronous buck regulator for VCORE

- 0.8V to 3.3V programmable output voltage

- 2MHz fixed switching frequency

- Fast transient response

- Programmable current limit up to 2.5A

6 bit synchronous buck regulator for VHAVDD

- 4.8V to 11.1V programmable output voltage

- 750KHz fixed switching frequency

- Fast transient response

- Programmable current limit up to 1.7A

4 bit positive charge pump controller for VGH

- 20V to 35V programmable output voltage

Temperature compensation offset up to 15V

4 bit negative charge pump controller for VGL

-5.5V to -14.5V programmable output voltage

2 bit GPM controller

- 0V to 15V programmable stop voltage

Programmable sequence

I2C compatible interface

Thermal shutdown

Thin 6x6 mm 40-lead WQFN package 


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WQFN-40L, 6x6



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