The ANX6863 is an integrated power supply solution optimized for large thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) TV panels which  generates all voltage rails for the TFT LCD bias (AVDD, VGH, VGL, Vcom) and also buck regulator for system logic supply. It is especially designed for 12V input. For better

display quality control, the device also provides Gate-Pulse-Modulation block for driver IC.

     The synchronous boost regulator provides TFT source driver AVDD voltage. The integrated N-channel FET operates at a fixed frequency of 750kHz which has a current limit up to 5A and can support output voltages up to19.8V.

     The buck regulator supplies system logic power with a current limit of 3.5A, it includes an internal power MOSFET and fixed-frequency operation allowing the use of small inductors and capacitors. Both boost and buck regulators feasure internal soft-start function to limit inrush current and use current mode control to perform fast load transient response. The buck regulator is compensated internally and the boost regulator is compensated by an external RC network.

     The gate-on and gate-off charge pumps controllers provide TFT-LCD gate drivers regulated gate-on and gate-off supplies. Both outputs can be adjusted by registers. Internal soft-start function is also included.

     The integrated operational amplifier is typically used for LCD Vcom driving, it features fast slew rate, wide bandwidth, and rail-to-rail output which can sink or source up to 350mA.

     The GPM is a flicker compensation circuit to reduce the coupling effect of gate lines; the gate-shaping timing is controlled by the timing-controller to modulate the Gate-On voltage, VGHM. 


8V to 14V input supply

Current-mode sync. boost regulator

- 13.5V to 19.8V programmable output voltage

- High voltage stress mode

- 750KHz fixed switching frequency

- Programmable current limit up to 5A

- Fast transient response to pulsed load

- High efficiency up to 90%

- Over voltage protection

Current-mode buck regulator

- 2.2V to 3.7V programmable output voltage

- 750KHz fixed switching frequency

- Fast transient response

- Internal compensation

- High efficiency

VGH positive charge pump controller

- 20V to 40V programmable output voltage

Temperature compensation for VGH

VGL negative charge pump controller

- 4.5V to -13.5V programmable output voltage

Isolation switch for AVDD

l Integrated high performance operational amplifier

- ±350mA output short-circuit current

- 45V/us fast slew rate

Reset Function

GPM controller

- 0V to 15V Gate Shaping Voltage

External gate control for AVDD sequencing

Programmable sequence

I2C compatible interface

Thermal shutdown

Thin 6x6 mm 40-lead WQFN package 


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WQFN-40L, 6x6



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