TFT LCD for TV Panel


      The ANX6872 is an fully I2C programmable integrated power supply solution optimized for large thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) TV panels which  generates all voltage rails for the TFT LCD bias (AVDD, VGH, VGL, 2CH VCOM , HAVDD) and also 1 buck regulators for VDD supplies. The device also contains 14-channels programmable gamma buffers and 14-channels Level Shifters for TFT-Panels. It is especially designed for 12V input.

      The AVDD Boost and VDD Buck converter incorporate current mode, fixed-frequency, pulse width modulation (PWM) circuitry and FCCM Mode in light load to gain better transient response and output ripple.

      A VGH boost controller/charge pump regulator provides the adjustable gate-high voltage VGH, with the temperature compensation; a negative inverting controller/charge pump regulator provides the gate-low voltage, VGL, with the temperature compensation. The 14ch gamma buffers and 2ch VCOM control are also integrated. All channel output level and sequence can be programmable by I2C interface.

      The ANX6872 with high current capabilities, the device is ideal for large screen monitor panels and LCD TV applications with 12V supply voltage and also integrates complete protection functions including, OVP, UVP, OCP, and OTP. It is available in a thin 72-pin 8x8 mm VQFN green package.


8V to 16.5V input supply

Async. Boost Regulator for AVDD

- 13.0 to 19.2V programmable output voltage

- Programmable current limit up to 2~3.5A

- Fast transient response to pulsed load

- Integrated isolation switch

Sync. Buck Regulator for VDD

- 2.2V to 3.7V programmable output voltage

- Fast transient response

Negative Charge Pump or Inverting for VGL

- -4.5V to -20V programmable output voltage

- Temperature compensation

Negative Linear Regulator for VSS

- -4.5~-16V programmable output voltage

Positive Charge Pump or Boost for VGH

- 20V to 40V programmable output voltage

- Temperature compensation

1-Channel OPAMP for HAVD

14-Channels GAMMA buffer

±30mA Short circuit current

2-Channels Programmable OPAMP for VCOM

14-Channels Level Shifters

Suitable 4/6/8 -Phase Level Shifter Application

I2C compatible interface for Register Control

Thermal shutdown and OVP Protection

Thin 8x8mm 72-lead VQFN package 

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VQFN-72L, 8x8


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