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Local Dimming LED Backlight Drivers


      The HY84128 is a 128 channel matrix LED driver with independent channel control, designed for driving locally dimmed displays. The device supports 4 low-resistance high-side switches and 32 low-side current sinks that can deliver up to 40mA of continuous current per channel. The driver has 13-bit PWM duty cycle and 11-bit current control of each low-side LED current sink. An extra global 12-bit current control for all of channels provides a simple dimming control method.

      Each current sink can be individually controlled through the SPI interface, but also has the capability to be controlled with a single value over the global brightness control register.

Programmable MUX phase shift and MUX gap offer a largest flexibility to synchronize LCD display frame.

      A digital enhanced DC/DC feedback function is regulating any external SMPS to the best suitable output voltage needs of the LED strings to minimize power dissipation.

Full protections are included, including build-in LED open/short detection for each channel and device thermal shutdown.


Supply Voltage

 VDD 9~16V

Dynamic LED Dimming Control and Hybrid Dimming Control Scheme

32 High-Precision Current Sinks

40mA max. current per channel,

Adjustable range from 2.5mA to peak current

Independent 13-bit PWM duty cycle and 11-bit DC dimming control

Min. on time 500ns with 2-bit slew rate control

Support 12-bit Global DC Dimming

Build in Scan Line Driven


Embedded high-side PMOS (Ron=0.14ohm, typ.)

Programmable MUX Phase Shift and MUX Gap

Max. delay 1 frame, 13-Bit resolution

Gap selection 32/64/128/256 CLK

Support 8x MUX Refresh Rate

Support Voltage Mode Feedback with 8-Bit Resolution

46Hz ~ 0.5KHz VSYNC, No HSYNC, Build-in PLL

SPI Interface

Max Speed 16MHz

Daisy chain and parallel structure capable


LED Open Detection by each zone

LED Short Detection by each zone

Thermal shutdown

Fault event will be indicated by INTB pin (open-drain)

WQFN-64L 7.0mm*7.0mm*0.75mm package

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WQFN 7x7 -64L


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