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     The ANX6732 is an integrated power supply solution optimized for small to medium size thin-film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal displays (LCD’s).

The boost converter operates at the frequency of 1.2MHz. The integrated N-channel FET has a typical current limit of 3.0A and can support output voltages up to 20V.

     The gate-on and gate-off charge pumps provide regulated TFT-LCD gate-on and gate-off supplies. Both outputs can be adjusted by external resistive voltage-dividers.

     The GPM is a flicker compensation circuit to reduce the coupling effect of gate lines; the gate-shaping timing is controlled by the timing-controller to modulate the Gate-On voltage, VGHM. It also can delay the Gate-On voltage during power-on to achieve a correct power-on sequence for gate driver ICs. Both the power-on delay time and the falling time of the Gate-On voltage are programmable by external capacitor and resistor.

     The integrated operational amplifier is typically used for LCD Vcom driving; the output can sink or source up to 350mA short-circuit current. This operational amplifier features fast slew rate (40V/us), wide bandwidth (20MHz), and rail-to-rail outputs as well.

     A built-in voltage detector generates a reset signal when the input voltage drops below a specified level. The reset signal is active low, and the detecting level is decided by an external resistor divider.

     The ANX6732 is available in a thin 24-pin 4x4 mm VQFN green package.


2.5V to 5.5V input supply

Current-mode boost regulator

- 1.2MHz switching frequency

- Integrated 20V/3.0A 160mΩ FET

- Fast transient response to pulsed load

- High efficiency up to 90%

- Adjustable high-accuracy output voltage (±1%)

- Over current protection

- Over voltage protection

VGH positive charge pump controller

VGL negative charge pump controller

Integrated high performance operational amplifier

- ±350mA output short-circuit current

- 40V/us fast slew rate

- 20MHz Bandwidth

- rail-to-rail output

Low-voltage detection circuit

GPM controller 

- Adjustable falling time

- Adjustable delay

Thermal shutdown

Thin 4x4 mm 24-lead VQFN package 



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