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     The PN10AN is an I2C programmable high performance integrated power supply solution optimized for TFT-LCD or Oxide TFT-LCD panels which generates most voltage rails for the TFT LCD bias including PAVDD(VSP), NAVDD(VSN), VGH,VGL,VIO,VCore, and Vcom. It is especially designed for 3.7V single cell Li-Ion battery input.

The device integrates a synchronous boost regulator and an inverting buck-boost converter. The dual outputs provide TFT source driver ±AVDD voltages. It is also with a positive charge pump regulator for gate-on voltage and a negative charge pump regulator for gate-off voltage.

     There are two synchronous buck regulator inside the device. One buck regulator provides VCore voltage to the timing controller(TCON), and the other one provides VIO voltage. The buck regulator could be used as an inductor-less low drop-out linear regulator(LDO).

     The PN10AN offers a programmable Vcom OPAMP which provides 7-bit (128 steps) resolution to adjust the output voltage. The device also monitors the input voltage and trigers the XAO output signal once the input voltage is lower than the set threshold.

     The PN10AN features internal soft-start to reduce inrush current. It also features several protection functions for abnormal operation like over-temperature protection(OTP), over-voltage protection(OVP), over-current protection(OCP), under-voltage protection(UVP), and short-circuit protection(SCP).

     The device is available in a thin 28-pin 3.5x5.5mm WQFN green package. 


2.5V to 5.5V Input Supply

Fully I2C Interface Control

Programmable Output Voltage

Programmable Switching Frequency

Programmable Delay Time

Programmable Soft-start time

Sync. Boost for Positive Output Voltage

Programmable Turn-off Discharge

Buck-boost for Negative Output Voltage

Programmable Turn-off Discharge

Positive Charge Pump Regulator for VGH

Negative Charge Pump Regulator for VGL

Sync. Buck Converter for VCore

Sync. Buck Converter/LDO for VIO

- Selectable LDO/Buck function

Low Voltage Detection Function (XAO)

Programmable Vcom OPAMP
- ±200mA Short Circuit Current

- 12V/µs Slew Rate

Under-Voltage Protection

Over-Current Protection

Short-Circuit Current Protection

Thermal Shutdown

3.5x5.5mm 28pin WQFN Package

RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free



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WQFN3.5x5.5 – 28L



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